Lydia Yekalam

I am a lifestyle and portrait photographer living in Seattle.

I went to school for communication/sales/marketing and learned photography in the evenings and weekends. Now my day job is communication/sales/marketing and I take photos in the evenings and weekends.

In doing so, I’ve learned how to design websites, successfully grow my social media presence and manage partnerships with sponsoring companies.

I truly love photography. I have no patience for yoga, so this is where I find my zen.

Hobbies include: finding the ripe avocados at Trader Joe’s, avoiding eye contact with bros in the weight room, FaceTiming my sister who lives in NYC, and reading books on how to adult.



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Parisa Yekalam 

I am a scaredy cat living in Manhattan (sometimes). I’m into: veganism, tiny books, tiny animals (click here for pictures of my cat!), brunch, brunch, brunch. Constantly craving sweet treats and missing my mom.

Currently studying food, politics, and how to be a better person.




Note: It is not a requirement that contributors be loyal to americanos with steamed soy, merely a coincidence.


Why Third Space

Third Space is the place we go when we’re done with work and don’t want to go home yet. It’s meeting friends and colleagues at coffee shops or other community spaces to talk about life, toss around ideas, figure our shit out.

Third Space is a blog but it is also more than that. It is a reason to reach out to new people, learn new things, and connect in ways we may not have otherwise had the courage to. Both Lydia and Parisa contribute to Third Space posts. It is a way for us to connect and create despite our bicoastal separation.

Third Space is an imagined space, and like anything imagined, it has no limits beyond those we create for it. We want to look ahead– to create a space of exploration by reading books, interviewing people who inspire us, finding the hidden nooks of our respective cities, and sharing our inspirations.




Thank you

Here’s a cyber hug for all the people who have motivated me since day one. Although it is my name on the website, in no way is this a compilation of my work alone. I have been lucky enough to have had the help of so many people. If it had been just me, chances are I would never even have posted photos on social media, let alone create my own website.


Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 7.56.10 PMChandler Kolb let me hold his camera, which started this entire thing. He also convinced me that self-named websites were not just for celebrities, encouraged me to take a leap of faith, and stayed up countless nights to build this website from start to finish.

Instagram: @chandkolb

Website: www.ProjectFour.co


Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 7.55.14 PMHailey Thomson designed numerous logos for me, dedicated hours of her free time to helping me create beautiful graphics for both my photography and for this website, and is the reason LydiaYekalam.com is as aesthetically pleasing as it is.

Instagram: @haileycoral

Website: www.HaileyCoral.com


Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 7.54.43 PMParisa Yekalam forced me to focus on quality work and is the type of writer I aspire to be. Her articles on this website are not only special because she is my sister, but because she challenges me to become better, just as her contributions make this website better.

Instagram: @pyekalam