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4 Women's March 2017 - Lydia Yekalam

Women’s March

Yesterday we were part of the biggest march in US history. Ever. 2.9 million people around the country standing up for one cause. One of the most powerful moments of my life was walking in the Women’s March surrounded by inspirational people as far as the…

July 30, 2017
Photography Products

Dueminuti — Healthy Pasta

Photos from a fun collaborative shoot with Dueminuti, a new ~healthy~ pasta restaurant in Capitol Hill. Had a chance to meet the owners, Davide and Filippo (pictured below), who are both so friendly and passionate about this new exciting project. Website: Instagram: @dueminuti…

March 13, 2017
Ruby & Olive -- Lydia Yekalam 1

Lindsey Potter: Ruby & Olive

Had the honor of meeting Lindsey in a graphic design class we both took over the summer. Lindsey is exceptionally creative and has her own calligraphy business, Ruby & Olive. “Ruby and Olive are the first names of my grandmothers. I wanted to lead my…

March 10, 2017
Events Photography

Pike Motorworks Grand Opening Bash

Super fun grand opening celebration for Pike Motorworks, a new luxury apartment building in Capitol Hill. Hosted by Pike Motorworks and Red Propeller. Pike Motorworks Website: Red Propeller Website:…

February 8, 2017


Happy thanksgiving with my happy people – minus sister. …

November 25, 2016

Sunday: Leavenworth, WA

Spontaneous day trip to Leavenworth! We left at 11:00 in the morning and got back at 7:30 at night. Got my workout in before we left and was back home in time to edit and get ready for Monday — my kind of trip.…

November 14, 2016

Saturday in Georgetown

Georgetown was POPPIN, let me tell you. We saw a couple getting their engagement photos taken and a fashion shoot going on, all the while I’m over here taking pictures of my coffee… Regardless, it was a good time. And very instagram-chic, if ya know…

November 13, 2016
Photography Portraits

Rush Fay — Headshots

Took some  head shots for Rush’s LinkedIn and social media accounts. He is an amazing graphic designer, also a professional good time. As usual, I love the candid ones the most. IN MORE EXCITING NEWS: Rush’s Kehinde Wiley poster won POSTER OF THE YEAR…

August 3, 2016

Lake Chelan

Got to hang out with Alyssa Wilcox (basically my photographer goals + amazing wedding photographer from Seattle) and drive to Lake Chelan. Pulled over on the side of the road in this cool alcove and took some quick pics. Photos of me by Alyssa…

July 13, 2016
Photography Portraits

Yasi at Home

Working with friends is the best because you get to experiment and try new things. I usually don’t do a lot of black and white photos so we thought this would be a great opportunity to go all out and do a rock and…

July 13, 2016